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GoMulch.com - DynaDiggr™
GoMulch.com - DynaDiggr™

Innovation Meets Productivity... The DynaDiggr™ Power Shovel

Field Tested
Since 1984, extensive product and field tests conducted with thousands of units operating successfully in the field.  Built to run strong and fast with a focus on field production.

Make more money
Save thousands of dollars in labor and equipment costs.  Virtually eliminates the back breaking, labor intensive, time consuming, and profit shattering hours of hard work created by the conventional hand shovel.

Saves time
Decreases harvesting time.  Easily dig a 7-foot three or shrub out of the ground in approximately 2 minutes.

Acreage Saving
Permits the planting of tress on much less than 10-foot centers.

Digs, trenches, excavates, and packs.

Multiple Applications
Landscapers, nurserymen, tree growers, builders, commercial gardeners, irrigation installers, and park developers.

Simple to Use
Operated by one person, anywhere a conventional hand shovel is used.

Quality Product
Built using only top quality materials.

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